Members Name: Pete L'Heureux


Tell us a little bit about yourself: age, occupation, where you live, family (nothing too personal but a general idea).


I am 57 years old, married 34 years to my wife, Julie, and have two wonderful daughters, and have one grandson by my oldest. I'm a QC lab technician at Callaway Golfball Operations in Chicopee, MA.


Modeling Interest: (Planes, Cars, Ships, Figures, etc.)


I model mostly aircraft of the World War II era, but also like World War I aircraft, the early jets of the Korean War and the Cold War era from both the NATO and Warsaw Pact blocs. I'd also like to try my hand at some armor.


How long have you been interested in modeling? How did you start?


I've been modeling since I was a boy of seven. I took a hiatus during college and a few years afterward, then started again in earnest around 1998.


How long a member of Wings and Wheels?


I believe I joined the club in 1999, and have been a member ever since.

Who in the hobby world has influenced you and why?


There are so many people, I can't begin to name them! But I think my biggest influence has been members of Wings and Wheels.... they really helped me improve my modeling skills.


What is your favorite historical period and why?


I would have to say the two world wars, the Korean War, and Vietnam. There is just so much material available that is written about the periods, and I just find the subject matter fascinating, because the conflicts had so much influence on our world of today.


Favorite Book: Anything written by the great modern thriller writers, such as Tom Clancy, Jack Higgins, Clive Cussler, etc.


Favorite Movie: All the Star Wars movies and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


What is your next project?


Two Migs, the Mig-15 and Mig-21, the former in North Korean markings, and the latter in Syrian markings.


What do you enjoy most and least about modeling and why?


I enjoy looking at my completed work and getting the satisfaction that I did a good job on my project. What I like least is all the tedious chores that go along with the build, especially seamwork!


Besides (possibly!) what you model, do you collect anything? If so, what, for how long, and how did you get started?


I collect coins, and have since I was a boy. I don't do it as often as when I was young, but I keep an eye out for older coins, such as from the beginning of the 20th century and older, almost exclusively US.


Is there something in modeling you have always wanted to do but never tried?


I'd really like to build an armor piece!


What type of paints, brushes or other modeling equipment do you use and why?


I use enamels exclusively, mostly from the Model Master and Floquil range, because they go on so nicely and I don't have any masking issues with them. I also use fine sable haired brushes for detail work.


What other outside interests do you have (music, food, auto racing, sailing, etc)?


I enjoy skiing in the winter, snorkeling in the summer, listening to jazz, and a really good steak and seafood.


Parting Modeling tip:


Like the man sez: build what you want the way you want it and above all, have fun doing it!