ValleyCon 28 - 2018 Vendors

 Elaine Lynch Private Collection 
 Chuck Horner Aircraft models 
 Brian Knapp  1 Private Collection   
 Alyssa Sklarski Private Collection   
Walt Wesloski 1 Private Collection 
 Ray Prokoski  1 Private Collection  
 Miniature Collectors of NE 1 Figures 
 Nadir Taheri Private Collection  
 John Listorti Private Collection  
 Jim Mcguire  1 Private Collection  
Tru North Paints  1 Enamel Paints 
 Ed Potkai  Private Collection  
 Jim Farrick  2 Private Collection  
 Carl Crosman Private Collection  
 Farina Enterprises Diorama bases and various kits 
 Alan Dobrowolski  2 Private Collection  
 Action figure Planet Gundam 
Sentinel Miniatures 3 Figures
 Jerry Cabrera Automotive models 
 Frank Carberry Private collection
 Craftec Various models/Gundam 
 Turn 4 Various models  
 Club Table Various models  
Tom's Trains5Various models 
 Birch Tree Enterprises2Wooden figure bases
Chris Jones1Private collection
 Hobby bunker Various models /figure accessories and books  
 Boomer's Books Books and Armor models 
 Hobbyworld USA Paints, models, accessories 
Time Machine Various Models