Members Name: Kevin J. Burke

Tell us a little bit about yourself: age, occupation, where you live, family (nothing too personal but a general idea).

Kevin J. Burke, 50, Independent Courier Newington CT. I am engaged and have 4 children: 1 daughter and 3 sons

Modeling Interest: (Planes, Cars, Ships, Figures, etc.)

I build primarily World War II planes but also build armor, dioramas, sci-fi and small scale figures

How long have you been interested in modeling? How did you start?

I've been building models since 1985. I worked in the same building as Hal Marshman, Sr. and saw his work. He gave me an Otaki Corsair and Iíve been building ever since

How long a member of Wings and Wheels?

10 years total

Who in the hobby world has influenced you and why?

Hal Marshman, Sr.:he took the time to explain and teach so many different aspects of detailing, painting and modeling

Joe Ravino His drive, organization and attention to detail

Bill Grigg. His attention to details and free sharing of new techniques he had mastered

Al LaFleche His constructive suggestions and advice

All members of Wings and Wheels. At some point, everyone has given me advice, told or shown me a way to do something and their support

What is your favorite historical period and why?

I love World War II. Near the end of the war, aircraft and armor were making drastic changes to known and common design and manufacturing methods leading to cutting edge vehicles

Favorite Book:

Grey Eagles

Favorite Movie:

Wild Geese

What is your next project?

F- 86 Saber

What do you enjoy most and least about modeling and why?

I enjoy the challenge of detailing kits and replicating the details in miniature.

The cost of models and accessories

Besides (possibly!) what you model, do you collect anything? If so, what, for how long, and how did you get started?

At this time no collections

Is there something in modeling you have always wanted to do but never tried?

I would love to learn metal foil and how to resin cast.

What type of paints, brushes or other modeling equipment do you use and why?

I use mostly model masters. I do use Humbrol, Tamiya and Floquil on occasion. They were the standard for so long and I've never had an issue using them

What other outside interests do you have (music, food, auto racing, sailing, etc)?

I am a Civil War and Rev War Historical reenactor. I portray, Confederate Artillery gunner, Pirate, Privateer

Parting Modeling tip:

Never be afraid to ask someone advice