Mantis Animal Set 8: Standing adult bear and two cubs

Submitted by Al LaFleche


Mantis Miniatures from Poland has a number of animal sets including both domestic and wild animals as well as figures. This is the first of their kits Iíve bought, having looked for a good standing bear for some time now.

The kit is packed in a medium card stock box with parts sealed in a zip lock bag. There are 6 parts to the kit: a sitting cub, a cub on all fours with a separate log for his forelegs and the adult bear. The kit is cast in what appears to be a sturdy gray resin with good detail on the fur and faces with eyes and noses well defined. The adult is in a defensive posture and claws and teeth are well sculpted.

The two forelegs/arms of the adult are separate pieces. Pour plugs are located at the base of the forelimbs of the adult and under its feet, making for easy clean up without damaging the fur texture. The log and seated cubís pour plug is also on the base. Unfortunately, the other cub has three large pour plugs on his head and back. Initially, I thought removing them would necessitate rescribing the fur; however, the actual contact points may be very small. The plug on the head, though, does have a contact pint with an ear which will require care in cleaning. .

The adult stands 60mm from the base of the feet to the top of the ears. This translates to 1.92 meters based on 1/32 scale or 2.1 in 1/35.This is about right for a 1/32 scale black bear or a 1/35 grizzly. It would be small in either scale for a Kodiak or Polar bear.

The kit is available from Military Miniatures Warehouse for $18.00.