75 mm Confederate Cavalry from Michael Roberts sculpted by Mike Stetzel

Submitted by Al LaFleche


This recent resin release from Michael Roberts is a good companion piece to their US Cavalryman from the spring of 2011. He is dresses in a correct cavalry double breasted great coat with a slouch hat whose brim has been turned up. He is armed with a saber, mostly hidden by the coat, a carbine on a shoulder sling and a pistol in its holster. If the builder has this company’s US Cavalry man and has used the slouch hat option there, the kepi head would fit on this figure.

The kit consists of 9 resin parts: head, body, spurs (2), sling hardware, carbine, right hand on holster and left hand holding gauntlets. There is also a strip of white metal for the scabbard. This is packed in a typical Michael Roberts two part box with a black and white photo of the kit on the top. The smaller parts, except for the carbine and scabbard are in a zip lock bag. As is Michael Roberts’ norm, the carbine and scabbard are lightly taped to stiff cardboard to prevent breakage. Included in the box is a two sided 8 ˝ X 11 sheet with parts list and instructions. Since this is a confederate, there is considerable leeway in painting both the clothing and leathers. For example, the trousers could be gray, butternut, Federal sky blue or civilian. There is no base.

There were only minor mold parting lines visible on the back of the left leg and none on the head and face. in my kit. Pour plugs are small and placed where clean up will present no problem. One of the gauntlets has the nice touch of having the top sculpted with a depression, indicating it is a bit open. The builder will need to drill holes to accommodate the spurs.

Test fittings look good and I found no downsides to this figure.

$33.50 available from Military Miniatures Warehouse