Cherokee 1/9 bust from Stormtroopers sculpted by Carl Reid

Submitted by Al LaFleche


The Cherokee people were the southernmost Iroquoians, living in the lower Appalachians to Tennessee. Their culture included both hunting and agriculture and early on adopted log cabins from the European settlers. They sided mostly with the French in the French and Indian War and with the British during the Revolution. By the mid 19th century, they were being displaced and their forced exile to “Indian Territory” became known as the Trail of Tears, during as much of a quarter of their population perished.

This bust from the gifted hands of Carl Reid represents a generic member of the tribe. He is clothed in a trade shirt. He carries a blanket and pipe and has both a gorget and wampum belt around his neck. He has split earlobes and a partially shaved head and a feather decoration is attached to his hair. The figure looks a great deal like the cover art work on Robert Griffing’s first book. I could find no distinctive dress or other decoration points to differentiate this figure from many of the Eastern Woodland tribes. He could be made to represent any of them. The only point might be if the figure were wearing a ceremonial gustoweh where the pattern of feathers would indicate his tribe.

The kit is well packed in a two piece cardboard box. The smaller parts are in two zip lock bags further contained in a bubble wrap bag. . One contains the right hand, pipe stem, ear decorations and feathers. The other holds the blanket end, both arms and bag. There is an painting “guide” that essentially says the painter may choose any colors he/she desires as there was no standard. 

The feathers are a single casting representing 8 long feathers and a grouping of short feathers for the top. The part is protected by a couple small pieces of Styrofoam. The inclusion of the smaller feathers is a nice touch, since many images of the Woodland people show this but it is rarely included in a kit. There are small pour plugs on a few of the feathers at the end making clean up easy. The two ear decorations each include a pendant. Again, small pour plugs are well located for easy removal. Both hands show nice vein detail on the backs.

The main portion of the bust shows no seams, but both arms have small seams on the inside. There is a seam on the blanket between the pour plugs. There is a bit of excess resin between the middle and ring finger of the left hand (holding the pipe bowl.) None of these should present any problem in correcting.

Test fitting shows a good fit for all parts.

This appears to be a really good bust and the open ended painting scheme will make for interesting displays on show tables.

$69.95 available from The Red Lancer